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    With both existing and new partners, we provide the assistance you need, when and where you need it. That's the basis on which VALX supports you!

  • Welcome you!

    We welcome you to the world of VALX! The Smart Alternative.

  • Explain you!

    What you'll experience with VALX is design that translates into high reliability and unmatched TCO! VALX will explain you all about it!

  • Serve you!

    We serve you by using proven methods and trusted components from the world's top suppliers, we invite you to use the axles of VALX!

  • Show you!

    We show you our concept that brings new value to trailer builders and fleetowners!

  • Prove you!

    Our axles have been subjected to one of the toughest test programmes ever seen in the industry. Let us prove you!

  • Connect you!

    VALX benefits from the economies of manufacturing in China whilst retaining fully responsible for testing and quality. We connect you!

  • Offer you!

    VALX offers you an initial programme of six axles types which cover most popular preferences of trailer designers and operators!

  • Supply you!

    VALX axles are available from stock or for early delivery from The Netherlands. Let us supply you!