Per November 2014 VALX has become a member of FUWA K-Hitch Australia PTY. LTD.      

From the moment of introduction in 2010, VALX growth performance has been double digit. For the coming years, FUWA K-Hitch is there to support VALX in its international growth ambitions.

FUWA K-Hitch is part of The FUWA Group, that was founded in 1997. As a transnational company, it is composed of 2 container ports and 10 manufacturing factories which are focusing on development, manufacturing and sales of chassis components for on-road vehicles. The FUWA Group has more than 8000 skillful and experienced staff, and more than 600 engineers. State of art equipment and strict quality control systems can guarantee that its products are able to meet different technical standards and market demands all around the world.

Since the founding of The FUWA Group, it has been developing in the direction of modernization, large scale production and specialization. FUWA's talented creation of the "one-piece beam with heat formed spindles" has broken through the traditional process. This new design owns incomparable advantages in anti-deforming, anti-fatigue and anti-bending, which is an outstanding contribution to semi-trailer manufacturing and transportation industry. FUWA has always been VALX' main supplier for their trailer-axles program. 

As a division of MCB, the Dutch based wholesale multinational for metal materials and components, VALX entered the European trailer-axles market in 2010. The axles program shows a proven concept offering long lasting value to trailer builders and fleet operators. Designed, assembled and tested in Europe with outstanding long-term durability, reliability and safety.