• Weld free spindles for extreme endurance
  • Thicker axle beam for life long off-road usage
  • HD steel hubcap
  • Improved S-cam seals  


  • HD trailing arms with steel-rubber-steel pivot bushes 
  • HD closed hanger brackets with special wear plates
  • The casted bracing brackets ensure that the side forces are guided into the chassis through the centre of the pivot bolt, preventing an additional bending moment in the hanger brackets 
  • 350 mm long stroke air springs for increased axle travel with HD steel pistons 
  • Variable air springs offset 30/50/95 mm 
  • Cold-formed, high strength M24 U-bolts 
  • 'Best of both worlds' M-AXL shock absorbers: suitable for a very wide range of temperatures 
  • Viton® seals for high/low working temperatures and optimized internal design for better sealing. 
  • Shock absorber acts as the stroke limitation, no need for catch straps or rapid venting