European Partners

VALX' partners: European, industry leading brands...

The 'no risks' VALX design philosophy applies equally to the selection of components. All critical components are supplied by industry-leading brands with long track records and proven reliability.
The air disk brakes come from WABCO, the high‑performance friction materials from TMD Textar, the MBS air suspension from technology leader Weweler, the wheel bearings and seals from Timken and SKF.
All these components have a reputation for quality, and give the assurance of a long lifetime and low maintenance requirements.

Easily available parts

Using components from leading manufacturers also means easy availability of spare parts. That keeps service and repair times to a minimum, so trailers are back on the road in the shortest possible time.



WABCO is a leader in heavy commercial vehicle brake solutions, and supplies the disks, callipers and related components as the basic fitment for the VALX disk brake axles. WABCO's PAN 19-1 and PAN 22-1 calliper types are standard fitment. Ventilated disks to VALX design ensure excellent brake cooling. The universal WABCO/VALX calliper is field-replaceable by other standard components for optimum serviceability.

Weweler logo 2010


Weweler is the only European spring manufacturer with its own range of air suspension system solutions.
The high level of modularity means only two different suspension units cover all ride heights and wheel offsets, reducing the component count and simplifying parts logistics. Outstanding strength is ensured by the axle clamping, which does not use welds or U-bolts.



Timken is a global bearing and friction-management leader, and supplies the specially machined, high-durability tapered roller wheel bearings specified for first fitment on the VALX axles. These are based on widely used industry-standard bearing types, and are also available as spare parts through the Europe-wide VALX and Timken service networks.



SKF is a leading global supplier of bearings, seals and related products. SKF supplies the Scotseal PlusXL, made of high-temperature resistant, long-life HNBR rubber, to exclude dirt and moisture. Together with the bearings, the seals are retained by a circlip when the hub is removed, simplifying service and maintaining the integrity and cleanliness of the hub assembly.



Textar is manufactured by the TMD Friction Group, one of the world's largest producers of brake friction materials. Textar is TMD Friction's leading brand for commercial vehicle applications, and 70% of Europe's commercial vehicles fitted with linings are originally equipped with Textar. Textar is the leading OEM supplier in the rapidly growing commercial vehicle disk brake segment.