Expert Team

Axle and suspension specialist Les Price

The initial design and development of the VALX axle range has been guided and headed by UK axle and suspension specialist Les Price, Director of LPA Engineering LTD. Together with a carefully selected group of industry experts, the aim was to reduce the risks to an absolute minimum, focusing on strength instead of lightness alone, on durability and easy, fullproof serviceability. A smart design concept was chosen, based on proven concepts.



Proven concepts                              

Both disk and drum brake systems are based on proven designs with numerous detail improvements. The drum brakes were developed with the support of braking system specialist prof. Andrew Day of the University of Bradford, UK. The design offers high efficiency, thermal and mechanical stability and low peak stresses, together with consistent and predictable brake performance. All components used in our axles are thoroughly proven and tested, both separately and in combination with their respective assemblies. That gives the assurance of the highest possible durability and fitness‑for‑purpose.

'Design for serviceability'

Numerous details of the VALX axle underline the 'design for serviceability' concept. Just one example: correct bearing preload only requires the tightening and locking of a simple nut. The optional innovative end-nut design by prof. Thom Meijlink of Eindhoven University of Technology automatically produces the right preload simply by tightening until it slips, making assembly virtually foolproof.

Long-term durability

The design choices that have been made, together with state‑of‑the‑art design, analysis, manufacturing and a massive test programme, provide full confidence in the long-term durability of the VALX axles, and in their low Total Cost of Ownership. In some cases we have worked with suppliers to develop custom component designs. Using their expertise and experience, we have created solutions that form an integral part of our high safety and reliability concept.

Easily available parts

Using components from leading manufacturers also means easy availability of spare parts. That keeps service and repair times to a minimum, so trailers are back on the road in the shortest possible time.