State-of-the-art manufacturing

Quality Control through the whole chain...

World-class production

CHinafonteinThe VALX axle beam is built in one of today's newest and most advanced factories operated by Fuwa, the world's largest axle manufacturer. Thanks to state-of-the-art machine tools and the most critical quality control procedures, the result is an unequalled combination of strength, lightness, ruggedness and reliability. Through our partnership with Fuwa, we benefit from the economies of manufacturing in China while ourselves retaining full responsibility for testing and quality.

FuwaFuwa's major manufacturing facility has an area of 1.6 million square metres and around 4,000 employees. Production for VALX is in a dedicated and separate hall opened in early 2010. The plant is characterised by world-class production, testing and quality assurance facilities, all under expatriate Western management and supervision.

High automation

Consistently high-accuracy production is ensured by state‑of‑the-art, highly automated equipment, including more than 600 of the latest CNC machine tools. Processes such as hot‑forming and heat treatment are PLC‑controlled, reducing manual labour to a minimum and supporting accurate, reproducible process performance.


Quality assurance

The quality assurance procedures are based on 100% checking of all processes and products following Six Sigma practices. We have a permanent on-site presence of VALX quality staff to monitor these procedures.

European quality standards

Fuwa buildingQuality management is subject to the ISO/TS 16949 quality management standard for automotive and related industries. This standard is mandatory both in the plant and for suppliers, ensuring full process and component traceability right through the supply chain. This forms the basis for a recognised quality level, meeting the needs of European trailer builders and fleet operators. The factory is also ISO 9001 qualified (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental man.).

Critical inspection

China BramCareful dimensional checking is essential for consistently high production quality. Automated laser measuring systems are used to verify the accuracy of manufacturing and machining, as well as critical dimensions such as those of the bearing mounts. Critical castings such as the wheel hubs are subjected to extensive X-ray inspection. Industry-standard tests and release procedures are followed at every stage. These procedures ensure that the quality of our Fuwa-manufactured axle components is at least equal to that of equivalent components manufactured anywhere in the world.

Beam forming