Tough test programme

Tested, tested and finally tested....

Testing is an essential part of the VALX concept. Our axles have been subjected to an exhaustive test programme - starting with the basic axle beam, through the complete axle assembly, on proving grounds around the world, and of course extended road tests under widely differing conditions.

All these tests subject the axles to conditions far tougher than those encountered in normal operation. The accelerated wear and tear reveals any potential weaknesses that may arise in many years of service.

Extensive lab tests

Wabco red diskThe axle beam, all major components and complete axles are subjected to an extensive range of lab tests to find stress limits and failure modes. Many of these tests are industry-standard, while others are specified by certification bodies such as TÜV. Tests have been carried out at a number of facilities, including the renowned MI Technology automotive test center in Leyland, UK.

Benchmarking of results

MIRA onderkantThe results from these lab tests allow benchmarking against established products, and they form the basis for next-generation designs. Correlations with actual operating conditions are in many cases known, allowing valid conclusions to be drawn about product lifetime under a wide range of actual operating conditions.

Tough proving grounds

MIRAsphereThe proving ground tests included tens of thousands of kilometres of rough roads, pavé, corrugations, kerb strikes, emergency stops, water troughs and many more. Trailers and axles were subjected to obstacles like these at proving grounds in the UK (MIRA), the Netherlands (DAF) and China (Ding Yuan). These are recognised as among the world's toughest test facilities. Endurance tests simulated distances of over 1 million kilometres at each location.


Field testing

Rovaniemi TestThere's no substitute for road tests under actual trailer operating conditions. These provide final validation of the test findings, and confirm that reliability and durability in the field will match expectations. The VALX axles have therefore been tested over many thousands of kilometres in different fleet applications and environments: from mountain ranges to arctic circle, on all kinds of surfaces, and with a wide range of loads including flat-bed trailers and tankers.



Spain Road Spain test