Disk Brake Axles

Disk Brake Axle 2 2022

Disk 430/370

VALX disk brake axles are available in sizes 430mm and 370mm for your brake solutions. We provide disk hubs of 120 mm offset and 19.5 or 22.5 inch wheel sizes are available. Our disks with ventilated design ensure outstanding brake cooling. They also improve wear, thermal behaviour, and thermal shock. High mechanical efficiency enhances overall performance. The maintenance-free design warrants lifetime lubrication, which maximizes cost-effectiveness.

Focusing on the patented single-piston technology, we provide field-replaceable universal WABCO callipers, with standard fitment of PAN 19-1 and PAN 22-1.

Axle beam

Based on a powerful, seamless, cold-drawn beam design. The non-welded beam structure has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than any other in Europe and forms the basis for long-term durability under harsh operating conditions. It eliminates the risks of weakening or degrading the material.

Combi Disk Disk 2022

Air Suspension

The specially developed Weweler air suspension meets the VALX philosophy of lightweight, low component count, and minimal maintenance. A wide range of ride heights and offsets can be accommodated by only one type of shock absorber, air spring, hanger bracket, and two different tail ends.

Seal and Bearings

  • Wide bearing spread minimizes bearing loads and maximizes bearing life while reducing sensitivity to brake heat transfer.
  • The seal and bearings specially developed are easy to fit and remove.
Hubassembly 675X380

Technical specifications

Specifications Disk 430 Disk 370
Axle load 9000 kg 9000 kg
Wheel size 22.5" 19.5"
Axle beam 1 piece ~ Ø 146 mm 1 piece ~ Ø 146 mm
Hub offset 120 mm 120 mm
Wheel bolts and dimensions 10 ~ M22 × 1.5 mm 10 ~ M22 × 1.5 mm
Wheel bolt circle 335 mm 335 mm
Brake dimensions 430 mm 370 mm
Tyre mounting Single Single
Self steering axle Optional -
Axle lift Optional Optional
Hubodometer Optional Optional