E2!HD energy axles


Valx provides ideal solutions for every trailer used for cooling (or heating) with this innovative energy axle across Europe. As one of the most important components in the 100% electric refrigerated trailer, the energy generated by the E2!HD axle is stored in the battery pack and brought to the cool unit. Since 2018, more than 800 trailers have been equipped with energy axles, which contribute a lot to energy conservation and emission reduction.


Main features

  • No Euro 2 diesel engine is needed and no diesel consumption (minimum 30 liters of diesel saved per day)
  • Zero CO2 emission with over 43 million kg achieved
  • Silent
  • Less maintenance and less king pin pressure (-400kg)
Logo E2!HD

Technical specifications

Peak Power 14 KW
Continuous Power 9 KW
Generator Air-cooled unit & Intelligent generator software
Suitability Suitable with every standard truck
Axle+Generator 230V / 400V / 3 / 50HZ
Battery Pack 400V / 3 / 50HZ
Grid Power Supply 400V / 3 / 50HZ
PAN 22 Disk Brake Axle-Track Width Available in 2040mm and 2090mm