VI (VALX INTEGRA) Air Suspension


Main Features

  • Fabricated design and made in-house at Fuwa
  • Proven pivot bush configuration
  • Excellent strength-to-weight ratio
  • Low component count and easy maintenance
  • A-brand suppliers for shock absorbers and air springs
  • Air spring with an internal bump is required
  • No offset plate is needed for standard applications, with a strong axle-air suspension connection
  • Side mounted shock absorbers for easy access and works as max stroke limitator
  • Axle alignment integrated into the hanger bracket

Technical Specifications

Weight Estimated 100 kg
Air suspension 9 / 10 Tonnes
Axle beam Applicable on ø 146 mm
Air spring ø 300 mm / ø 350 mm
Trailing arm 200-615 ( a wide range of ride heights covered)
Air springs offset Multiple possibilities
Bolt on axle lift Optional
L1/L2 L1: 500mm L2: 340/380mm